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Get In Shape for Your Big Day

Do you have a big event in the near future? Maybe you’re approaching a special birthday, are about to get married or are simply motivated to get into better shape. The first step is to shift your mindset from getting into better shape to getting into better health. Follow these recommendations from the health experts to not only get into shape, but develop life-long habits towards better health.

Consider taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in some comfortable, quality active wear available from Athleta. Now you’re ready to make 3 thirty minute commitments each day.  These are the three steps that will lead you down the road towards better health. Spend thirty minutes each day walking, hiking, strength training or enjoying any favorite exercise.  Spend thirty minutes each day planning, shopping and preparing healthy meals. The dishes and foods with the fewest ingredients are often the healthiest. Reduce sugar, sodium and highly processed foods from your diet. Spend thirty minutes each day investing in your relationships. This is the formula for truly getting into shape.

Take a moment to break down each of these steps. All of the experts agree that our bodies are designed to move.  While it might take some real motivation the first week to get off the couch, the rewards of increased stamina and energy after a few short weeks of daily movement will serve as inducement to continue. Each day you will feel stronger and stronger both mentally and physically.

The bloating, fatigue and lethargy you feel can so often be traced to your food choices.  Commit to breaking the fast food and processed food habit and you’ll begin to feel a huge difference in just a few short weeks. Extreme diets based on extreme denial are never long term fixes. Rediscover foods in their natural state. A head of lettuce, a chicken breast and wild rice can be the basis for a very healthy and tasty meal. Give it a try!

Finally, invest the time and energy into developing strong, authentic, relationships. These will serve to add real fuel to your mental health. Best of luck on your journey!

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