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Beer Cooling: Faster than in the freezer

Stubby holders cool beer quickly – That’s how it works. Chilled beer: With one method, the barley beverage can be cooled faster in the summer than in the freezer.


Chilled beer: With one method, the barley beverage can be cooled faster in the summer than in the freezer. When the sun is out, the beer must be really cold. But what if a football match is started in half an hour and the contents of the bottle are still warm like a kiddy pool? Stay calm. We show how beer quickly and reliably becomes so cold that it tastes good.


Seven Tips for Perfect Beer Enjoyment

Properly pour: Hold the beer glass diagonally under the bottle and fill it by two-thirds. Leave it for a minute before tipping the rest. This creates a beautiful foam crown.

A beer must be fresh: Pay attention to the expiry date when buying. Bottled beer is stable for up to three months. Just like any other food, beer is also like the fresher, the better.

Buy where beer is stored properly: Cool beverage markets are ideal. Avoid outlets where the beer is exposed to the sun or the cold.

Clean beer glasses only with hot, clear water: detergent is taboo. It influences the taste and prevents a beautiful head of foam.

Store beer glasses with the opening facing down: Always place beer glasses in the cabinet with the opening facing downwards. This will prevent dust from accumulating in the glass belly.


Let the beer glasses dry in the air: To dry, it is best to simply leave the glasses standing because dry wipes can bring lint or germs into the glass.


Finally, a half-liter bottle with a summer room temperature of about 24 degrees in the freezer at a temperature of -18 degrees already needs 20 minutes, until the beer reaches only 16 degrees – that’s twice the recommendation. But there is salvation if you want to cool beer quickly. The magic word is called: cold mixture. If you have to go fast, pack cold water in a bucket or tub, add ice cubes and sprinkle with salt. The mixture should consist of three approximately equal parts by weight.

Sustainable catering in Singapore

Sustainable, responsible, organic these are more than buzzwords and in terms of catering at an event, profits can quickly be achieved. Person very experiences international buffer catering Singapore offer tips that actually cost nothing at all. In fact, that you can save money as an event organizer. These tips can be applied by yourself but can also be deposited with your party caterer.

Seasonal products

Seasonal food is not only very tasty, but also cheaper and fresher! We therefore use ingredients from our own gardens and from small-scale, local producers. Its just like picked in the morning, on the plate in the evening. It is unsprayed, direct from the land and therefore fresher than fresh. You can taste that and it is very sustainable because it hardly needs to be transported.

Sustainable fish and responsible meat

Nobody gets happy with kilo-nets or pricked and water-injected meat. You therefore need to choose organically-kept pigs, chickens and dual-purpose cows. Then use not only the fillets, steaks and tenderloins, but the whole animal, and slightly smaller portions than you might put on the table at home. Of course it is perfectly cooked, tasty with a bite. And there is a lot to choose from fish too. The pressure on popular cod, salmon and tuna is large. For example, mackerel, trout and crab are delicious and sustainable alternatives that our chef knows how to handle.

Ugly fruit and vegetables

Every year 40 million kilos of fruit and vegetables are thrown away because it has no perfect shape, color or size. For soups, juices and dishes you need to use as much fruit and vegetables as possible that are normally rejected because of their ‘looks’.

Find the delicacy of well trained hand bouquets in Singapore

The slogan of florist well trained hand bouquets in Singapore is pure, unique and personal. The florist specializes in every kind of wedding. Whether it’s a chic wedding, an outdoor wedding or a bohemian wedding, the decoration will always be tailor-made, great or intimate, wild or neat. Furthermore, you can expect from the florist that they provide unique decoration, completely in keeping with the rest. That makes that little extra for the finishing touch. And if you really want to go over the top you can even rent a flower wall. This flower wall is specially made for you with fresh flowers, completely adapted to your wishes! The team consists of experienced and passionate event stylists, event designers and floral stylists. A top team that ensures that your wedding is taken care of!

For personal advice and custom-made flower arrangements, professional florists can help you. She takes care of the complete styling of the wedding. They always work with fresh flowers of A + quality. These come directly from the growers and the auction.
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