Kevin Sheehan Shoe Store Startup Story

When Kevin Sheehan decided to start his own business, he evidently came across various financial struggles. Starting your own shoe store at the ripe age of 19 in the metropolitan city of New York can be frightful at first. It’s easy to feel like the whole world is weighing down on you—the spotlight is bright and hot, and everyone is going to make their speculations about whether or not Kevin Sheehan had it in him to make it or break it in the shoe industry.


What Kevin Sheehan did to differentiate himself in this oversaturated industry was match each shoe collection to one’s lifestyle. His store had various categories based on the individual’s tastes and preferences. The sneakers section included a realm of possibilities from the independent freelancer mom who liked a fashionable sneaker while on the go, to the gym buff who was searching for a sneaker that would help maintain their balance and performance when doing dead-lifts and high jumps.


Then of course, Kevin Sheehan didn’t stop with sneakers. Most shoe stores either categorize themselves as athletic or fashionable, but the Sheehan Sneaker Store in New York City conjoined the two categories into one. The store opened up to a more lux area with expansive seating and marble floors. Here, customers could try on high heel shoes and boots, ballerina flats, dress shoes for men while also styling them with a high-quality, locally made handbag. The hand bags weren’t the normal knock-offs that you would find at Aldo or the like. They were original pieces made to reflect professional lifestyles, the party-goers’ taste of attire or the mom who desired a large tote for her baby’s diapers and food and personal hygiene items.


When asked how he did it, Sheehan simply replies that he saved up all his money by working after school at a mainstream shoe store. That’s how he first got the idea to take shoes to the next level. He then borrowed money from his parents and the bank to save up for his own store-front, and decided on a location that wasn’t the most central yet still brought in a fare amount of customers. This way, he could pass on the savings he made from less rent onto his customers.


When questioned about his business know-how, Kevin Sheehan states that he has hired the best advisors in New York to help him get his feet off the ground (pun very much intended).


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