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4 Makeup Trends for 2016 Weddings

Feeling fabulous and amazing on your wedding day is every bride’s dream. Pushing too hard and overdoing your usual lookwill make you uneasy about the big event. These new makeup trends will have you feeling perfect within your own skin. Experiment and play with some 2016 bridal makeup stylesbefore your special day.

Natural Colors
As an extension of your daily face, natural colors reflect off of the most radiant you, you can be. The key to a great natural look is skin care. If you haven’t started a strict skin care regime already, get to it. The route of natural colors lies with the minimum use of cosmetics, but you want to check how this looks in both natural light and the camera.

If it’s too natural, it can make you look pale in the wedding photos or even rub off by the end of the day. A light eyeliner, clear mascara, a little bit of foundation to color correct and even out your skin tone, a touch of blush, and a little bit of lipstick leaves you good to go.

Lips that Last

Speaking of lasting throughout the day, long-lasting glosses and lip creamshave been one of the hottest items for 2016 brides. Kiss-tested and campaigned-proofed, long-lasting lip smackers will help you get through your special occasion with a perfect pout. Pink glossy lips have always been favored on a wedding day, but bold, coral colors are starting to take a stand. Coral is a flirty shade that looks great against a white dress and makes any floral arrangement pop. It’s also versatile enough to use on your brows and cheeks as well.

Other colors to play around with to match your skin tone are hot-pink, magenta, or nude for dark skin, rogue or rose for midtones, and baby pink or watermelon for light-colored skin. A clear gloss as a top-coat leaves you with a very kissable bride-to-be.

Playing With Color

Matching the Bride’s eye shadow to flowers or jewelry is a fun, new makeup trend that will make your eyes pop! This requires no extra expense or expertise, just proper planning. This 2016 trend is fun and popular, especially with bright, bold colors. You want to get a variety of the main shade so that you can pack a sunset of color onto your lids. Maybe you can make the next new wedding color trend by pairing the venue color to your look, find a perfect match at Kent Wedding Venue Deals.

Winged Eyeliner

Also referred to as the “cat-eye”, winged eyeliner is one of the most classic beauty trends in history. This makeup trick is a go-to for bridal styles and will make every eye color pop. When doing the winged eye look, it’s best to use a liquid liner that will stand up to long-wear compared to its pencil or gel counterpart. Winged eyeliner pairs great with false eyelashes to bring even more attention to your beautiful eyes.

Which wedding makeup trend do you like the best?

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