Vacation in France

Vacation in France

I visited France this year and had a vocation with my family. It was amazing and unforgettable! Instead of booking a hotel, we decided to rent a romantic and charming chateau in Brittany, Chateau Du Grand Val. If you are looking for a fairytale vocation, this is place for you! Listen to the tales of King Arthur, Merlin or the Knights of the Round Table while drinking some of the best French wines.


If you like the  seafood, here you can find some of the finest oysters, lobsters or scallops, all complimented with a bottle of Muscadet. However, if you would like to taste some traditional French food, you should definitely taste soupe a l’oign, a traditional soup made of onions, beef and topped with cheese. For all wine lovers, there is a suitable wine for every type of food, from red and rose to white wine and champagne.

As we like to be active we decided to go sightseeing. Our chateau du Grand Val was located only 30 km from the Rennes and St Malo, a beautiful walled city. As my husband likes to play golf, we would rent a small boat and drive to Renne where they have seven great golf courses. I would bring my picnic basket and enjoy in nature with kids.

I highly recommend you to spend your vacation in France, and if your budget allows you, book a chateau instead of a hotel!

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