Handy Parenting Tips: Get Your Kids to Empathize with Diversity

When it comes to parenting, it can be easy to shrug the dust under the rug by getting a Handy cleaner to take care of such problems for you. If you and your spouse work past the regular 9 to 5 corporate job due to the high managerial roles you follow, then it is evident that professional cleaning services and even having a nanny to take care of your kids before you get home and cook for the household is a must. Although Handy is a revolutionary service for the everyday North American busy working parents, there can be a lot of pressure on a parent to do double duty shifts at work and at home. One vein says that if you shelter and coddle your kids too much with the luxuries of getting everything done for them through a service like Handy, then they may grow up to feel like elitists and above everyone else. That’s not the way to function in this world and to get along with everyone. The connections and friendships you make during your life can make a great difference on your experiences and opportunities.


So how exactly can you as a parent ensure that your kid is raised to get along with almost everyone they meet? There are a few things that you can do to make sure they understand that kids’ differences are beautiful and what make the planet diverse.


  1. Never use generalizing language: When asking about your kids’ friends, never question them about the “soccer kids” but instead use the proper names of each friend you are referring to. If your child says a generalizing statement such as “only boys are good at gym” then remind them that Stacey won the best athlete medal last year and that both men and women have their own traits that make them excel at their sport.
  2. Take the opportunity to expand their friendship horizons: Who said that your child needs to have the same group of friends from elementary to high school? Instead of having them being defined by a club or particular group of friends, why not encourage them to be friends with everyone? From early on, have your child invite different friends over for playdates or entice your child to try out for both the running club and debate team.
  3. Use relatable tactics: Reading is powerful, and the more you can get your child to read about characters from different backgrounds, religions and cultures, the more they will be able to empathize with their real-life friendships.
  4. Encourage respect with everyone and anyone: From the senior citizen who is crossing the street, to your favorite and regular Handy professional who comes over to clean your home every Saturday morning, remind your child to always act with kindness and love. scratch off map

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